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7 problem solving clothing tips every woman should know

There’s no woman that doesn’t recognize at least one of these clothing problems: visible bra straps, clothes that don’t stay put, pants that are too long to wear with flats or discovering on-your-way to somewhere that your deodorant has stained. Hollywood Fashion Secrets offers the right solutions to all of these ‘problems’. Discover our 7 must-know, problem-solving tips for yourself. 
1. Visible bra straps underneath your racerback tops
These Bra Converting Clips are indispensable if you’re a fan of racerback tops or tank tops with a narrow back panel. These easy-to-use clips ensure that the straps of your favorite bras don’t peek out from underneath tops and dresses with a narrow back panel design. Now, you won’t need to buy special bras and the clips also create a little extra lift.
2. Visible nipples
Imagine: you’re at a party and notice that people you’re talking to keep looking at your chest, only to discover - when you look in mirror in the powder room - that your white top is a bit more sheer than you thought - oops! To prevent these types of awkward situations, these Silicone CoverUps nipple covers are your ideal solution. Available in different colors.
3. Staining on your clothes
Deodorant, makeup, dust, dirt and pet hairs; they can all suddenly appear on your clothes during the day - most probably with the worst timing! This Deodorant Removing Sponge is simply a must to always carry with you wherever you go. Always ready to use and no water needed.
4. Garments that don’t stay in place
Tops that sag off your shoulders or a plunging neckline that needs to stay put at all times. For these types of clothing problems, Hollywood Fashion Secrets tape is the solution. This is the product that launched the brand into stardom and now, the tape is available in different handy variations. You’ll probably want to purchase all of them!
5. A waistband that doesn’t fit
Some pant or skirt issues can’t be solved with a belt. For those times there’s this: the Hip Hugger. This smart, elastic ‘belt’ has suspender clips that you can simply attach to the back of your garment - to belt loops for instance - and the Hip Hugger will automatically adjust to the natural curves of your body for a perfect-fit waist.
6. Armpit staining
Your armpits can be the cause of all kinds of stains; wet sweat stains, white deodorant stains or yellow staining. Whatever the stain or the cause, they can all be prevented with these Garment Shields. Stick these pads to your garment and they’ll absorb perspiration and odors to prevent staining. You’ll save time and money on the dry cleaner.
7. The wrong length
Your favorite pants might have the perfect length to wear with heels but with flats, you’ll wear-down the hemline. Or you might have a knee-length skirt that you want to wear as a mini skirt, to team with your over the knee boots. Then Temporary Hem Tape is your new secret! This temporary tape contributes to a versatile wardrobe and from now on, you won’t have to alter pants or skirt lengths permanently. What an asset!

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