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How to create your capsule wardrobe in 5 steps

Have you heard of the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ yet? It’s a much-mentioned phrase and lines up seamlessly with our idea of curating your ideal wardrobe of essentials. In a nutshell, it’s all about building a closet of favorite pieces instead of items you’ll merely wear a few times. Building a capsule wardrobe is quite easy to do. We’ll show you how, with our 5-step guide.

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When you look-up capsule wardrobe online, you’ll come across all kinds of rules that a capsule wardrobe should comply with - like a limited number of pieces or colors. We don’t want to take it that far because we feel that creating your capsule wardrobe should be a stress-free experience. After all, the need to create a capsule wardrobe comes from the desire to experience less stress when it comes to picking outfits, to buy less and to wear more. It all comes down to a more conscious way of shopping and really thinking things through when it comes to buying new clothes, so you can decide whether it complements the style you want to carry out to the world. Sounds easy, right? It is.

1. Visualize
This first step is sooo crucial, so really take the time to figure this out; the more time and energy you put in, the easier and quicker the following steps will be. It all starts with visualization: visualizing the type of looks you love and what you want to radiate with your clothes is key. Creating a mood board or a Pinterest board can help you in this process. And don’t be afraid to get it wrong, because there’s no going wrong and there’s no one breathing down your neck - the goal is to create a clear picture for yourself. Simply start collecting images and you’ll discover the common thread in your taste to start building on. Is your visualization complete? Then this is leading in every piece you buy from now on.

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2. Clean out your closet

Okay, let’s do it Marie Kondo style; literally empty out your closet and throw it all on one huge pile. This really helps in the awareness of what you own and what you no longer wear. Keep your visualization at hand and decide per item if it complements the style that you have in mind for your capsule wardrobe - and be critical! If you haven’t worn a piece in a long time and it doesn’t fit in the look of your capsule wardrobe, then it should go on the donate pile. After your clean-out session, a closet of favorites should be what’s left.

3. Make a shopping list
Finished cleaning-out your closet? Then now is the perfect time to do some inventory to figure out what you’re missing to complete your capsule wardrobe. This might seem in contrast to the pile of clothes for donation you’ve just created, but don’t forget that you’re replacing items you no longer wear - and probably haven’t worn that often - with pieces that you’ll love and wear for many years to come.
Does a black leather jacket pop-up in your visuals multiple times? Then put it on your shopping list. This doesn’t mean that you should buy it right away - take the time to look for your perfect version of a leather jacket and remember, it’s all about collecting essentials you’ll stay in love with.

4. Become a critical shopper

Impulse buys are now in the past, so learn to take your time to discover what your new favorites should look like. This means trying out lots to discover what suits you best, which will lead to buying that leather jacket ten months or even longer down the line. But it’s better to wait a while then to buy a jacket you’ll regret after a few months time. Especially in the beginning, always use your visuals to remind yourself of your wardrobe goals. This will help to develop a critical eye when shopping and you’ll discover that knowing what you want and shopping according to your goals will become easier with time.
Extra tip: new items should go with a minimum of three other items you already own. This will help you to create a versatile wardrobe with plenty of styling options.


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5. Do a wardrobe check every season
Even when your dress style is consistent, the changing of seasons asks for different types of clothes. Keep in mind that there’s overlap and try to be creative with what you already own. A chunky-knit cardigan can still be worn as a coat in Spring or Fall. And a sleeveless dress can be worn layered with a turtleneck T-shirt and a cozy scarf in winter. These types of styling tips really help you get the most out of your wardrobe and to create a sustainable collection. Doing some inventory at the start of each season and complementing your wardrobe with just a few key seasonal items, is a great way to keep things fresh. Make good use of a seasonal shopping list, so you won’t wander off too far from your initial goals.

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