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What are cookies?

Cookies are small (temporary) text files that are saved on your smartphone, computer of other device when you visit our website. Thanks to cookies, you don't have to enter or download the same information every time you return to our site. In addition, cookies help us understand how you use our site and how to make it better and more customer-friendly and we also use them for marketing purposes.

In addition, we use JavaScript and (web) beacons. These are standard internet techniques that work together with cookies to create a system that can gather information (JavaScripts), saves it in small text files (cookies) and sends it (web)beacons.

Accept cookies

If you want to have the most optimal experience of our website, accepting our cookies is necessary.

Your cookie settings

Of course, we will handle the information we collect from you with care. You are free to choose either the Standard or Personalized cookie package.

You can choose the Personalized cookie package if you want a tailored online shopping experience:

  • Our website works as you would expect.
  • You will only see ads for products you really want
  • You can login safely. We remember your login details for you, so you won’t have to do this yourself.
  • We use third party cookies in order to remember your interests. That’s how we only show you our ads and third party ads which are tailored to your preferences.

Functional Cookies: these are necessary Cookies. Without them, our website wouldn’t work efficiently. Think of functionalities like saving privacy settings, login in with your personal information or remembering items that you add to your shopping cart.
Analytical Cookies (first en third-party): these are Cookies that help us gather information, used to optimize our website, to make shopping easier for you.
Tracking Cookies (first en third-party): these are cookies that are used for marketing purposes via our newsletter, partner sites and social media. Think of advertising and other content that is tailored to your interests.

To clarify which Cookies we use, we’ve composed the overview below; including what they are used for and the third parties that are involved:
Funtional cookies
  • LNG: remembers your language settings (in the browser). Domain: – duration: 1 year.
  • SignInCookieUid: is used to save your favorites when you’re not logged in. Domain: – duration: 100 days.
  • CA, user_ck: enables us to recognize you when you visit our website and lets us know if you’re logged in. Domain: – duration: until you log out.
  • FP: is used to double check if the Cookie has been placed properly. Domain: – duration: 100 days
  • CB: is used to help recognize you when you’re ordering. Domain: – duration: session.
  • landid: is used to recognize from which country you are entering our website. Domain: – duration: one day.
  • valutaid: is used to recognize the valuta you’re paying with. Domain: – duration: 1 day.
  • LastSeen: is used to remember which products you’ve seen viewed. Domain: – duration: 300 days.
  • CR: is used to simplify the return process. Domain: – duration: 2 hours.
  • pbChatActive: makes sure the chat functionality is available. Domain: – duration: session.
  • -326925468: is used to remember from which device you’re entering our website. Domain: – duration: 10 days.
  • colorDepth, browserLanguage, browserHeight, browserWidth, timeZoneOffset: is used to simplify the payment process. Domain: – duration: 10 days.
  • Signedup: ensures the newsletter pop-up isn’t continuously shown, when you have already registered for it.
  • popup_land: ensures that our send and return policy is shown per county. Domain: – duration: 100 days.
  • hideNLR: ensures that when you’ve clicked away the newsletter pop-up, it isn’t shown anymore. Domain: – duration: 60 days.
  • popup_news: remembers if you’ve seen the registration banner. Domain: – duration: 60 days.
  • last_p_id: is used to remember which product you’ve last viewed. Domain: – duration: 60 minutes.
  • Cookiesettings: is used to remember which Cookie-package you’ve selected. Domain: – duration: 10 years.
  • ARRAffinity: is used to check and ensure that your visit to our website leads to the same server. Domain: – duration: session.
  • ARRAffinitySameSite: is used to check and ensure that your visit to our website leads to the same server for a different type of Cookie. Domain: – duration: session.
  • ASP.NET_Sessionld: is used to save information concerning your visit to our website. Domain: – duration: session.
Analytical cookies
  • _hjIncludedInSessionSample, _hjFirstSeen, _hjTLDTest, _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress: is used to improve our website and analyze your visit. Domain: – duration: 1 hour.
  • ai_session: is used to analyze your visit to our website: Domain: – duration:  1 hour.
  • _gid: is used to differentiate your visit to our website from other users. Domain:, ,, – duration: 1 day.
  • _ga: is used to follow and analyze your behavior on our website. Domain: – duration,, – duration: 2 years.
Marketing cookies
  • _uetvid: is used to show relevant advertising. Domain:, – duration: 1 year.
  • _fbp: is used to show relevant advertising in Facebook. Domain:, – duration: 3 months.
  • _gcl_au: is used by Google AdSense to experiment with the efficiency of advertising that is placed on different websites. Domain:, – duration: 3 months.
  • _uetsid: is used to show relevant advertising. Domain:, – duration: 1 day.
  • _pin_unauth: is used by Pinterest to track the use of services. Domain:, – 1 year.

  • Read more about how Google will use your information if you choose the personalized cookie package.
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