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5 ways to push muted colors to a higher level

Muted colors are colors that are mixed with grey tones or with the complementary color in the color wheel. These colors have a softer appearance and a muted brightness. Colors may appear slightly paler but represent a rich and timeless feeling. Examples include greyish green and greyish blue, softer pastel colors and toned-down red and orange hues like rusty tones.    

Balance = key  
Muted colors ask for a balanced styling – think of tonal muted combinations for depth and contrast in a look or combine different materials within the muted, soft color palette. Read on quickly, discover our tips and elevate your look. 

1. TONAL  
Combining muted colors within the same color group - in other words a tonal color palette - creates depth and adds a stylish contrast to a look. Tonal colors emphasize each other as well as the main color itself. Example: various light and dark shades of greyish blue in one outfit emphasize each other and create a powerful blue look, even though the used shades of blue are all muted. 
The non-colors white, black and all shades of grey are perfect for creating contrasts. White, grey and black are a perfect canvas to combine endlessly with any color and they strengthen and emphasize muted colors. White adds a fresh feeling, grey neutralizes and blacks represents an edgy touch. Besides adding a white, grey or black garment you can also choose to add accessories or shoes in these colors for a more subtle effect. 
A print in a muted color palette creates a serene feeling with a timeless approach, because a muted color palette doesn’t contain predominant colors. Want to soften a muted print? Combine the print with a uni-colored piece within the tonal color palette to emphasize the main color. Want to accentuate a print? Go for an item in a contrasting color as a striking counterpart. 
Rich materials add luxury and character to an outfit. Rich materials combined with a tonal, muted color palette represent a modern contrast and depth within a look - for a surprising twist. A muted piece in a rich material combined with bright colored styles elevates the look for a more luxurious feeling. Examples of rich materials are materials with texture; like chunky knits or a boucle knit. Also silk, leather and cashmere represent the rich materials selection. Rich materials in an earth tone add a warm touch to muted colors. 
Blue denim is a classic and clean base to combine endlessly with any color within our color spectrum. Muted colors are emphasized by blue denim, which enhances the muted color. Denim also adds a casual touch. Not only jeans, but also a denim shirt or denim jacket are a perfect blue denim choice. Go for deep dark blue denim if you want to wear denim and muted colors to the office. 
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