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Approximately 80% of all women seem to be wearing the wrong bra size, that is 8 out of 10 to be exact. Women who think that they maintain the same size bra are wrong too; your size changes at least 6 times during your lifetime! Your body changes when you lose weight or when you gain weight and a pregnancy is another reason for size changes.

Besides the fact that wearing the wrong bra size just doesn’t look good it is bad for your back too, especially when your breasts are of a larger size. Time to pay attention and learn how to choose the right bra!

Choosing the right bra starts with measuring your cup size. You can very easily do this yourself. All you need is a tape measure and a mirror.

  1. Measure your chest size: measure the size of your chest from under your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is straight at the front and the back (the mirror can come in handy here) this can be fairly tight, seeing as the bra is made out of stretchy material and the tape measure out of platic.

2. Measure your cup size: to measure your cup size you measure the full portion of your breasts, this meaning a nipple level.

You can find your bra size in this table.

Now that you’ve found the prefect bra size it’s important to find a bra that suits your wardrobe, personal style and is comfortable. But first some more tips on finding the perfect bra:

1. Buy the right size! Measure tightly around the chest under the breasts. The bra’s fabric with mostly likely stretch, the bra is made out of more stretch than the tape measure.

2. Check whether a ‘double’ breast is created. If this happens the bra is too small.
3. Going for a bra with underwire? Make sure the wire doesn’t end on but next to the breasts.

4. Make sure the bra fit the objective that you have for it. Pick a sports bra for sports, a smooth bra for tight outfits, a push-up for more bosom, etc.


Seamless Bra
The seamless bra doesn’t have seams in the cups. The cup is made out of one piece of material that is shaped like the breast already. Don’t confused the seamless bra with the padded bra, a seamless bra doesn’t always have to be lined

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Softcup or wireless Bra
A bra that has wire underneath the cups for extra support. This type bra is perfect for women that want extra support but no extra lining of push-up.

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T-shirt Bra
A T-shirt bra has flat seams of no seams, you can see the bra underneath your clothing and that is why it is perfect for tight outfits.

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Underwire Bra
A bra that has wire underneath the cups for extra support. This type bra is perfect for women that want extra support but no extra lining of push-up.

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Padded Bra
The padded bra is a bra with lined cup. The lining in the cup adds that little extra and is more comfortable. A padded bra is perfect underneath tight outfits and is super comfortable.

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Push-up Bra
A bra with extra padding for more cleavage. This bra can be smooth but it doesn’t need to be. The pads are placed at the bottom of the cups so that they push the breasts up, giving it a sexy effect.

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Multi-way Bra
A bra that can be worn in many different ways and thus perfect to wear underneath any type of clothing. Often you can wear this bra in a normal, halter, crisscross and in a strapless way. A definite wardrobe staple.

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Strapless Bra
An underwire bra from which the straps can be removed. A strapless bra often has a plastic strip on the inside so that it doesn’t slip off. It is a misconception that this type of bra will slip off more easily than other bras – if you choose the right size bra, in high quality it will not slip off.

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It is important to take good care of your bras. Hand wash lingerie to prevent the underwire from coming out and to make sure the cups don’t shrink. You can also place the bra in a laundry bag; set your washing machine on a delicate program at a low temperature.

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