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Trend: styling new neutrals - discover the 5 ways

Fashion and innovation go hand in hand and that means constant shifts in silhouettes, materials and colors. The neutral color group has been a favorite for quite some time now and represents soft color tones that look modern; think off-white, light beige and ecru. This season the classic neutrals are accompanied by the new neutrals where deeper color shades - like sand and old pink - predominate. These new neutrals effortlessly combine with a wide color spectrum for a color enhancing effect and a harmonious balance, putting feminine appeal in the spotlight. 
Combining different shades of the same color doesn’t only emphasize the color, but also creates depth and balance. Combining colors tonally - for example by mixing darker and lighter sand tones or sand tones with a warm or cold undertone - emphasizes the general color and creates a balanced contrast in your outfit. 
Non-colors black and white are known for emphasizing a color and strengthening the color depth. This is a result of the strong contrast created when combining black and white with other colors from the color spectrum. Black and white are also a fashionable base to team with the new neutrals. 
Earth tones represent warmth and cover a color palette of old pink and warm yellow to khaki green, chestnut brown and terracotta red hues. Earth tones are fully in line with the colors from the new neutrals group because the warm undertone brings out the warmth of the new neutral colors.  
The richness of a color isn’t determined by merely the warmth and depth of a color, but also by the material. A luxurious silk quality or a fluffy cashmere knit emphasize the new neutral color with the richness of the texture and vice versa. Both the color and the material effortlessly blend together.  
Blue denim is a timeless base to pair with every color tone; that also applies to new neutrals. Denim emphasizes the casual appearance of a look and makes a versatile canvas for every style and color. 
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