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6 tips to prevent dry winter hair

It’s the middle of winter and the cold temperatures don’t only affect our skin but also our hair. Your hair feels dryer, is more fragile and can look dull. Dropping outside temperatures surely contribute to this development but it’s mostly the difference between outside and inside temperatures - especially when you fire up the heating in your home - that does the most damage. High temperatures lead to the quicker evaporation of moist from both skin and hair, resulting in dry, vulnerable, and sometimes static hair. 
1. Wash your hair less frequent
Everybody knows this by now but it’s a difficult one to put into practice. Shampoo can dry out your hair and scalp due to its degreasing characteristics, but that layer of grease also works as a natural protective barrier. So, washing daily isn’t a good idea. Build it down slowly and use products that help delay a shampoo session.
2. Use leave-in products
Hair ends are often the driest and most prone to splitting. So, some extra protection will only do good. Simply divide a small amount of hair oil or leave-in conditioner over your hair ends daily, for extra protection and nourishment all day long.
3. Don’t go outside with wet hair
Wet hair is more vulnerable, especially when combined with low outside temperatures. Winter weather opens the hair shafts which can then break more easily. Try washing your hair in the evenings when you plan on staying indoors, instead of in the morning. Leaving the house with wet hair anyway? Protect your hair with a beanie, a hat and tuck the lengths of your hair into a scarf. Tip: wrap your hair in a silk scarf before you wear a hat or beanie to decrease friction. This will prevent unnecessary damaging.

4. Less heat
This goes for hair in general: minimize contact with any type of heat from styling tools. And always use heat protective products to protect during blow-drying, straightening and curling.
5. Treat your hair weekly
Pamper yourself with a weekly hair mask or other type of hair treatment. Creating more me-time is a great plus by itself and your hair will also thank you for it.
Hair treatments
6. Hair accessories
Yes, even the wrong type of hair accessories can lead to more damage. Think elastic hairbands made from the wrong material, that are also wrapped around your hair tightly. Or hairbrushes that do more damage than good. Choose soft and smooth materials for the least friction possible.
Hair accessories
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