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5 tips from makeup artist Carla Rep for a perfect natural makeup look

Makeup that emphasizes your natural beauty and doesn’t actually look like a layer of makeup, is something every woman wants. Natural looking makeup creates that fresh youthful appeal and the desired glow we all want. We’ve asked a professional how to achieve this look. Our makeup artist Carla Rep has been in the business for over 21 years and knows the tricks of the trade like no other. Read and learn from the best. 
1. For the most natural skin
Carla: “For a quick fresh up, a light foundation does wonders. Use a sheer version, like from Perricone MD, blend some of your regular foundation with your moisturizer for a more sheer effect or opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Applying with a foundation brush isn’t necessary as you’re not aiming for perfection. Simply apply using your hands and fingers for a natural result. “
Carla: “Next to a foundation, I would opt for some concealer below the eyes to give you a fresh look. First, apply some concealer on the back of your hand (you easily overapply product when using the intended application brush) and apply below the eyes using your ring finger. Your ring finger applies with the least pressure and the skin around your eyes is quiet delicate. Only apply on the deeper part below the eyes for the most natural result. If you have thicker bags below the eyes, then skip this step - using concealer will only emphasize them more.”
2. For the most natural eyes
Carla: “You can choose to not use any makeup on the eyelids but if you want to give them some attention anyway, opt for a nude eyeshadow, matching your skin tone - choose one without any shine for the most natural look. Or use a special product like No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow by Perricone MD. You can also try an eyeshadow primer for a mattifying effect, even without applying any eyeshadow afterwards.
Eye makeup
3. For the most natural eyelashes and eyebrows
Carla: “eyebrows really frame your face so I would always advise to emphasized them a little, even for a natural look - it is done in seconds, with great effect. If you have a lot of eyebrow hairs, use a powder. If you have little hair, use a pencil. Powder needs hair to cling to, so applying on bare skin won’t work.”
Eyebrow makeup
Carla: “For the most natural lashes I would tell you to choose between a dark brown mascara or use a black one applied thinly. The only ‘danger’ with a brown mascara is the red undertone that can also create a more fatigue look. It’s simply a case of trying out which option suits you best.”
4. For the most natural cheeks
Carla: “Our skin naturally has a thin greasy layer for protection, which makes a cream blush the most effective product for a natural look because it’s much easier to blend with the skin. Use your fingers for the most natural effect. A blush powder is better for occasions that ask for more coverage from your makeup.”
Cream blushers
5. For the most natural lips
Carla: “Adding subtle color to your lips is the perfect finishing touch to a natural makeup look. Opt for a convenient 2-in-1 product, like Lip2Cheek by RMS, if you want the color on your lips to match your cheeks. Or try a tinted lip balm or nude lipstick. In need of a bit more color than a nude lipstick can give? Then try a sheer lipstick and apply thinly.”
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