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4 surprising ways to use supplement powders

It’s keeping us quite occupied: how to optimize health? And preferably in a way that doesn’t take much effort. Then start with your nutrition, as it's a basic necessity that you have to think about daily anyways. Supplement powders are quick and easy nutrition boosters. What exactly are supplement powders and what can they do for your health and wellbeing? We’ll explain it and we’ve also added some tips on how to implement them into your daily routine. 
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Supplements are nothing more than nutrients that you can add to your food. In general, our diets tend to be too one sided, which can lead to a deficiency when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Supplementing is easily done with vitamin pills or supplement powders. They support your immune system, reduce stress, improve brain function, boost bone density and the structure of your skin and hair - depending on the type of supplements you take. Vitamin pills don’t need any explanation, but how about powders? You can always add the recommended amount to a glass of water but oftentimes, the flavor isn’t something to brag about. Supplements aren’t made to taste good, they’re made to boost your health. We’ll help with 4 super simple ideas to add supplement powders to your daily diet. 
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1.      Boost your breakfast

Supplement powders are a perfect start of your day, because an empty stomach absorbs nutrients quickly. Dissolve the recommended amount with some lukewarm water and mix through your yoghurt, milk, juice, oatmeal or smoothie to start your day optimally. And for the creative weekend breakfast people among us: supplement powders are great to mix through your pancake or muffin batter, or even bread dough.

2.      Supplement latte

If you were already planning on cutting back on your coffee intake, then this tip is perfect for you! Replace your morning or midday coffee for a supplement latte. Simply blend with some hot water to dissolve, add honey to taste, and turn into a latte by adding warm frothy milk or a milk subsitute. Enjoy! 

3.      Snack healthy 

What a treat to make a healthy weekend snack platter for yourself, with some crudites, fruit, cheese and different dips like guacamole or hummus. Boost your platter’s health level by mixing some supplement powder into your dips. Don’t forget that most powders need to be dissolved in some water first, before adding them to something more solid.

4.      Super soup

A bowl of soup warms the soul and definitely categorizes as comfort food, and it’s a great way to make sure you reach your daily-fluids goals. Create even healthier soups by adding a nutrient boost with a supplement powder. Chances are, you won’t even notice you’ve added something, but you’ll still enjoy all the benefits.

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