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4 easy ways to combine sand tones

Sand tones are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Why? Because their solid and - at the same time – versatile character enables plenty of color combinations. We’ll explain what we mean in this blog and we’ll show you different ways to give wearing sand tones an on-trend boost.
To start with: what are sand tones? It’s the collective name for shades of beige and off-white. Because of their softening and refreshing character, beige and off-white have a unique effect on the colors you combine them with; they soften harsh colors, temper fiery colors and - in contrary to bright colors - never go out of fashion.

1. Team with black
Off-white + black: creates a graphic contrast for timeless, modern appeal.
Beige + black: beige makes black look softer. The other way around, black gives beige more depth.
Off-white + black
Beige + black
2. Team with prints
The effect of this combination also depends on the print, but this is a great way to experiment with prints when you’re not used to wearing a lot of prints. The combination with beige or off-white tones down the fierceness of prints.
Sand hues + prints
3. Team with bright colors
Off-white + bright color: off-white adds instant ‘freshness’ to your look without toning down the brightness of the color.
Beige + bright color: beige tempers the brightness of the color for a softening effect.
Off-white + bright color
Beige + bright color
4. Combine tonally
Beige + off-white: a timeless combination! These two neutrals complement each other and create a tonal effect that’s suitable for any occasion.
Tonal sand hues
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